Every day, millions of firms invent, test, manufacture, store and deliver.

Millions of firms who are engaged in developing, assembling, transforming and recycling for the benefit of others.

Millions of men and women who live in this perpetually changing world, where they have to continually adapt, think differently and be resilient in order to flourish.

For over 50 years, we have both observed and participated in these underlying shifts alongside these firms.

At the heart of local economies, we have an in-depth expertise in all aspects of business transactions be they local or global.

For over 50 years, we have applied our expertise for the benefit of our clients so that they could seize opportunities by securing their cash flow, improving their terms of payment and making transactions paperless.

We are staffed by men and women who really care, listen to, support and advise our clients on how to achieve their goals. Our people are close to our clients and understand their needs so that our funding solutions and services are constantly adapted and enhanced whenever firms face new challenges.

Fully engaged, we work side by side with all the parties involved in this ecosystem ("Large corporates, trade unions, accountants and credit insurers") to jointly develop products adapted to specific industries and to provide oxygen to firms throughout their life cycle.

Resolutely looking to the future, we innovate through harnessing the latest technology in order to respond to all current IT, online security and efficiency needs in an increasingly open world.

Underpinned by solid foundations, we progress as our clients progress, firmly wedded to human values, where digitalisation is merely a tool to go faster whereas human relations are the basis to take us all further.