Cross-border solutions

Cross-border solutions: pan-European account receivables financing & beyond

We have operated cross-border factoring transactions since 2005 and can support our clients in more than 25 countries in Europe, North America, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our international offering

Our cross border staff meets our clients’ needs and we can add to our expertise to encompass new countries around the world.

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Cross-border method

We have developed structured procedures to advise our clients how best to execute their transactions in a complex international environment:

  • Multi lingual and dedicated cross border staff with:
    • A proven track record of managing transactions in line with local requirements
    • Single contact person during transaction term and during the life of the contract
  • Tailor-made, flexible solutions in complex, multi-jurisdiction transactions and multi bank (syndication) contexts
  • Ability to adapt our factoring process to your existing cash management procedures
  • Appetite to meet our clients’ needs by expanding our intervention to new countries
  • A single dedicated Paris based team
  • 24-hour access to our website to manage all factoring contracts centrally, with detailed reports available per individual subsidiary

Key benefits for our clients

  • Additional source of funds
    Refinancing of existing debt
  • Level of funding adjusted to growing revenues
  • Contractual documentation separated from other payables
  • Optimization of working capital and ratios with off balance structure
  • Cash management tool: to secure forecasts and cash flows in advance

Why factoring meets both investor and business objectives in a LBO context

Factoring transactions are widespread in LBO deals and go far beyond distressed companies. We have developed in-depth expertise in managing multiple factoring transactions with investment or private equity funds. Our teams can:

  • Implement solutions including existing debt refinancing from acquisition date
  • Structure transactions to enable off-balance sheet solutions
  • Work with banks & other lenders with no or minimal impact on balance sheet debt